About us

Solutions for Today's Needs

There are many CBD suppliers, and then there is FREECO. Our unique products are here to protect your daily health and enhance your quality of life.

We live in a world of confusion, a world of non-stop news and economic pressures. Our answer has been to find CBD products that will allow people everywhere to transcend these problems. All without habit-forming drugs, with no damaging side effects and no fear of addiction.

Our research focused on everyday stresses and strains: Low energy, lack of self-esteem, inability to concentrate, difficulty getting through the day, and trouble actually relaxing once the day is done.

The products that emerged from the application of our research meet the overriding need of getting you through your day. Three tinctures developed to be taken in three stages throughout the morning, afternoon and evening.

UPLIFT to give you that great start to your day;
FOCUS is to help you through a mid-day slump;
RELAX is the calming end of day blend.

We would like you to not be high, but happy. Not hiding from the world but ready to face it relaxed and confident. That is the gift of CBD with FREECO.

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