Tap INTO NATURE'S Full Potential

After developing our proprietary cannabinoid formulas with CBG, CBC and CBN distillates, we identified the unique aroma and flavor profiles otherwise referred to as terpenes, of the world’s most popular cannabis strains and then replicated them by pulling the exact same profiles from nature, otherwise referred to as “botanically-derived”. The result is flavors and aromas with such depth and therapeutic nuance that we find ourselves regularly reminiscing about those days not so long ago when we journeyed into the wild and returned with a whole new perspective on life.

Terpenes contain some of Mother Nature’s greatest secrets. We unlocked them and put them in everything we make

The backstory

The use of cannabis has been recorded for millennia, but we have only recently begun to understand the medicinal power of this famous plant.

Both recreational and medicinal users have recorded their experiences with the ever-growing number of strains. Some strains are found to be uplifting and energizing, others sedative and calming while some feel more heady and others more corporeal.

Scientific research has uncovered the role the flavor and aroma profiles of these strains, otherwise known as terpene profiles, play on the effects on the mind and body.

We partnered with an industry leader in terpene research and replication to bring you the healing powers of these natural botanically-derived terpenes.


Targeted Health

We are pioneering the use of 100% natural botanically-derived terpenes in all of our products to help you achieve a new level of targeted health. By pairing Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and CBG, CBC and CBN isolates with terpene blends that compliment each formula, we are able to help the user achieve the kinds of desired outcomes that were never before possible.