MicroActive® Sleep Gummies

FInd your happy place with these Full-Spectrum Sleep Gummies. Each contains 25MG of CBD, 5MG of CBN, and 3MG of MicroActive® Melatonin utilizing time-release science that ensures you stay there all night with a seven hour release cycle.


  • 90 MG MicroActive® Melatonin
  • 750 MG Full-Spectrum CBD
  • 150 MG CBN


Love going to bed

While the songs of yesteryear still play in your head, you kick your heels with excitement as these gummies kick in. You'll love these so much that you'll reach for another one, but the Sandman sweeps you away before you get the lid off.

MicroActive® Melatonin

Made in the USA


Third-Party Lab Tested

Delicious Grape Flavor

How to use

Take one gummy 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Sleep Different

Wake Up Restored

Time-Release Melatonin keeps you evenly dosed for 7 hours. Full-Spectrum CBD with added CBN ensure you get the most balance and rest from the cannabis plant possible. The combination of the entourage effect, the delicious grape flavor, and the MicroActive® Melatonin will make these your favorite way to end your day.